PJSC “AZOT” celebrated its 50th anniversary in March, 2015

The sixties: enterprise foundation

In August 1962 the preliminary terms of reference for the nitrogen fertilizers plant construction in Cherkasy was approved. In March 1965 Cherkasy chemical enterprise produced its first liquid ammonia. This moment is considered to be the birthday of the plant. Having been built at high tempo (less than three years) the enterprise began developing actively. In 1968 the first urea production site was put into operation at the plant.

The seventies: production sites development

At the beginning of 1970, the shops producing liquid ammonia, non concentrated nitric acid and ammonium nitrate started operating. During the following two years the non concentrated nitric acid and ammonium nitrate manufacturing capacities were doubled. In May 1973 the first millionth tonne of urea and the next month the first millionth tonne of liquid ammonia were produced at the plant.

By the mid-1970s the formation process of the main production capacities had almost been completed and in 1975 Cherkasy chemical plant became the Cherkasy Production Association "Azot".

Being the production association the plant changed its development vector from quantity to quality. In 1967 industrial and research site of ion-exchanging production started operating at the plant. It was the most advanced site in the USSR that gathered the leading scientific and technical experts in the industry.

This contributes to the new products launching as well as modern manufacturing technologies and equipment implementation.

The nineties: difficult challenges

In 1993 a new urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) liquid complex fertilizers production was launched. The annual UAN production amounted 200 thousand tonnes. The 1990s period was the most difficult in the Association’s history. The settled economic contacts were ruined and the approach to business was being changed. Owing to a joint stock company formation in 1995 JSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) managed to keep its qualified personnel and did not allow production volume to decrease.    

Period of 2000s: new perspectives

Joining OSTCHEM Group DF in 2011 gave Cherkasy chemical industry specialists new perspectives in both equipment renovation and production capacities increasing. Since then 604 million UAH were invested in enterprise modernization. This allowed to implement a number of initiative that significantly improve the technical and economic PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) performance.